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Car Repairs Across Bath, Bristol & Somerset

South West Minis & Classic Cars offers customers throughout Bath, Bristol and Somerset affordable quality car repair services. Our mechanics have the expertise of working with all makes and models of cars. Services include, brakes, welding, Pre-MOT repairs and exhausts.

Welding Repairs

Welding is required when the metal framework begins to corrode. We can offer affordable welding to keep your car in top condition which will increase your car’s life span.

You can avoid rust by making sure your car is well-protected. When you buy a modern car it usually has a protective coating. That’s why you see cars less vulnerable to corrosion. However, rust is still a problem. Rust can start from the inside of cars as it is difficult for manufacturers to treat the inside of the car against rust.

Welding is important and should performed on cars correctly. It is pointless to cover up holes in the metal framework – a welder looks at the bigger picture. All traces of rust should be removed, and the original metal needs to be reinforced. This often means making the hole twice as big to ensure the metal surrounding the hole is not corroded. Lastly, the new and old metal must be tightly fused together. If not, the job will be pointless as the new metal will come undone. 

Brakes Repairs

Are you concerned about your brake performance? If you live in the surrounding areas of Bristol, Bath and Somerset visit South West Minis & Classic Cars for a brake inspection. Our expertly trained brake technicians will give your car a comprehensive inspection, including disc, drums, handbrake, servo, hoses, calipers and master cylinder. We will include a full written brake report with a quotation for you to take away. All your brake components are checked for operation, condition, wear, leaks and seizing. If you decide to get your brakes repaired, it will take us less than an hour to repair.

Exhausts Repairs

Exhausts need to be in working and good condition for the best fuel economy possible and reduce your car’s Co2 emissions. We can give a visual exhaust check to make sure your exhaust is in working order. Whether your car has excessive smoke coming from the exhaust, loud engine noises when driving, a rattling noise indicating that something may have come loose, dragging pipes or visible holes, we can help. Damaged exhausts will be make your driving experience uncomfortable and can even increase your fuel consumption or potentially cause an MOT test failure. It is important to take action if you see any visible damage like this.

Pre-MOT Repairs

At South West Minis & Classic Cars we offer several car maintenance services that will keep your car at its best before your MOT. It is important to bring your car for an auto service and have it checked up by professionals. Having your car inspected regularly maintains safety and reduces the cost of car repairs. We will give your car a visual inspection and quote for what you need to do before your MOT. It is vital to seek assistance from our highly trained mechanics to run a diagnostic check up on your vehicle. By doing a checkup you are more likely to prevent problems and mechanical malfunctions to your car.

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