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Pre – MOT Servicing for car maintenance and inspection in Bristol, Bath and Somerset.

At South West Minis we offer Pre-MOT servicing that will improve the chances of your car passing it MOT first time. Our Pre-MOT inspection service covers all of the major aspects that will be examined in an MOT service. We will give your car a visual inspection and advise what needs to be done to pass your MOT. Our Pre-MOT inspection services are available to all customer across Bristol, Bath and Somerset. We have fully qualified mechanics and all work is performed on site in our fully equipped garage. Furthermore, all work is guaranteed, therefore our customers have greater peace of mind.

What we check for in your Pre-MOT Servicing

  • Windscreen Damage
  • Tyre checks
  • Suspension & Shock Absorbers
  • Brakes
  • Interior Checks
  • Exhausts
  • Oil Levels

Some aspects of an MOT are more difficult to notice than others. For example, it is easy to check simple things like your lights, however, our fully qualified mechanics will check all other mechanical aspects during an Pre-MOT. After giving your car a full inspection we will provide an honest report on what work you may potentially need doing on your car before the MOT.

Why is it important to have Pre–MOT Servicing?

By getting your Pre-MOT servicing done you will pass your MOT and save yourself time and costs. Pre-MOT inspections don’t take long to perform and will prevent you from getting a refusal of MOT certificate. If you do get the refusal MOT certificate you will be advised not to drive unless you drive to a garage or an approved test centre for repairs, why not get it repaired now? To book a Pre-MOT inspection contact us today on 07716008957.

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